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When I was 5, I would sit with my dad while we drew sharks on a regular piece of copy paper. I would marvel at the way he'd guide my hand and help me turn that blank sheet into a masterpiece.

Ever since I can remember, I've been creating, ideating, and problem-solving.

I recall sketching forts made of branches and designing a catalog for the homemade bracelets I would sell to buy the rest of the supplies needed.

At age 7, when my family got a home computer, I learned the wonderful program, Microsoft Paint.

It was GAME OVER... (I finally found the answer to save all my pencils from ever missing erasers again. I felt like a magician.)
In 2012, I received my BFA from Kent State University's School of Visual Communication Design, and, fresh-out-of-college, I scored a position at a local ad agency in Akron, OH.

There, I was able to work with and design for large companies such as Sherwin-Williams, Duplicolor, JOANN Fabric, and Theraband.

After my time in agency life, I decided to expand my problem-solving capabilities and try my hand at freelance design.

While off on my own, I was able to collaborate with many wonderful start-ups and small businesses in the area.

An extrovert at heart, in 2017, I gladly accepted the invitation to teach design students at Kent State University's VCD program. My current part-time dream gig.
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