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Super Salad Bar

Product Design - Renee Volchko

Website Design - Renee Volchko

Website Development - Branch Designs, Steve Hall

Super Salad Bar is a portable alternative to eating your greens. It's a salad... in a bar.

Developing this product, the eCommerce platform, and the automated systems that helped streamline the project was an experience full of growth and learning. 

A Welcoming & Motivational UX

Conversion Rate

From July 2020 - July 2021 held an average 6.4 conversation rate. Throughout the design and development, our mission was to create an elegant and efficient site, aimed at minimal clicks and frictionless user experience.

Bringing a new product to market in saturated space is not an easy task. We were constantly talking to our customers and showing up at weekend events to get to know the end-user.

It was important for our design, our packaging, and our messaging to all be focused on our target market, as we continued to refine this group based on site analytics.


Even Less Friction

The case for a more aesthetically pleasing and intuitive shopping cart had us in redesign mode early 2022.

Working directly with the Shopify developer, I was able to handoff the project in developer mode with all assets set to export as needed.

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