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Animation with
C4D, Blender & AE

Super Salad Bar needed a promotional video for their new product.​

The video was to be used on the landing page of the website as well as serve as a commercial for several ad campaigns that ran in early 2020 to explain the product.

The success of this video was determined by a consistent 2.7% ROAS of ad sets serving this spot.

Art Direction - Super Salad Bar

3D Model Purchased From - TurboSquid

3D Modifications - Renee Volchko

Texture Mapping - Renee Volchko

Final Animation - Renee Volchko

First, I needed to thicken the 3D model purchased from TurboSquid.

A Whole New Playground

Before starting this project, I was not very experienced with Cinema 4D or Blender. With a few tutorials and my previous familiarity with After Effects and general animation techniques, I was able to navigate and execute while exploring a whole new platform.

I then UV mapped an image with texture and shading to make it look more realistic.

Here, I applied the UV map to the model by a few node tricks and setting to base color.

Smooth & Stylish

It's no wonder why we are in awe of the experts that produce incredible pieces in Cinema 4D. The program itself helps to smooth out animations from the very first keyframes you set!

Next, I created 13 different animation clips that I keyframed in C4D's beautiful platform.

Adding the bar to the mix by finding another model that was close enough to fit with a few modifications.

Putting it all together, and animating the clips with the both objects moving in frame.

A Full Walkthrough

For anyone really interested in all the nerdy design details, I made a video for fun, to hopefully help anyone with a similar project or questions about UV mapping.

Happy animating! 

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