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Trendy Trading

Art direction - Jacob Vanags

UI Design - Renee Volchko

Motion Design - Renee Volchko

Website Development - Quo Agency, Inc.


Trendy Trading helps people learn about day trading and supplies members with proven scripts to help navigate complex trading platforms.

I worked directly with the company and those knowledgeable about the space to learn how the scripts could be shown in a minimalistic style.

We launched in 2020 and set up proper systems for the new members joining.

Look & Feel

New Explainer Animations

We needed to convey complex day trading practices and information in just several seconds of video. Previously it took 1hr+ whiteboard sessions.

The site needed to convey a calm and approachable feeling. 

To achieve this, we created characters to help humanize the UI and chose colors that were bright and unintimidating.

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